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Ontario has plentiful sources of bioenergy, including residual materials from forestry operations that are left to decay on the forest floor, waste matter from agricultural production and animal livestock activities, and by-products of food-processing operations.

More information on eligible fuel sources for bioenergy projects can be found in the Electricity Act, 1998.

Project size

  • 10 kilowatts or less

Contract price paid per kWh

  • Renewable Biomass: 17.2 cents
  • On-Farm Biogas: 25.8 cents
  • Biogas: 16.5 cents
  • Landfill gas: 16.8 cents

Inflation index

  • 50 percent

Possible permits and approvals

Location/ resource

  • Proximity to renewable biomass

Other considerations

  • Project may affect:

Industry associations