How to Apply

Applying to the microFIT Program consists of two steps:

  1. registration
  2. creating and submitting an application.

You must be registered to create and submit an application. 

Once you have registered, a personalized page called “My microFIT Home Page” will be created for you. This page will only be accessible through the username and password you create at the time of registration, so you will need to retain and protect your username and password.

You must apply to the microFIT Program using the online application form available on your "My microFIT Home Page". The microFIT Program currently does not accept applications in hard copy form. You will also need to track messages from the IESO through this page.

As a reminder, if your application was submitted by a representative, the representative must provide login information and credentials for each listed applicant. Please contact your representative directly if you have not received the login information required to access your application.

View the supporting documents required to submit a microFIT Application

View the Registration instructions.

View the Application instructions.

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