Version 2 documents

This section provides access to version 2 copies of microFIT Program documents. Click on the links below to access these documents.

The documents are applicable if you applied on or after September 1, 2011.

Please note that the Applicant Declaration Form has been updated as of November 20, 2012.

Please note that electronic signatures will not be accepted on any prescribed form submitted as part of a microFIT application on or after August 11, 2012, until standards are developed for determining the reliability of such electronic signatures. Applicants must sign, scan and submit the required prescribed forms with their application in order to be reviewed under the microFIT Program Rules version 2.0.

microFIT Contract

Prescribed forms

PDF Icon Amendment Request Form
PDF Icon Change Notice Form
PDF Icon Termination Notice Form

 Instruction documents

PDF Icon Contract Assignment Instructions version 2.0
microFIT Rules

Prescribed forms+

PDF Icon Zoning Opinion
PDF Icon Zoning Certificate
PDF Icon Leasing Certificate
PDF Icon Additional Contact Information Form
PDF Icon Consent of Host Member
PDF Icon Applicant Declaration*
+ Digital signatures will not be accepted.
* The Applicant Declaration Form has been updated as of November 20, 2012. To view the updated form, you may be required to clear your browser’s cache. Please note that the new form is dated November 2012 and all submissions beginning on November 21, 2012 must include this updated form if applicable.

Eligible Participant Schedule

Price Schedule

Program Overview


Video Icon  Registration video  

 Video Icon Application video for applicants

Video Icon  Application video for representatives

List of Supplementary Documents

PDF Icon List of Supporting Documents Required to Submit an Application

 Parcel Register sample 
 To download the parcel register sample to your computer, click to open the image, click the right mouse button, then choose Save Image or Picture.

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