Online application

Please ensure that you have all the required documentation before you start your application. View the list of supporting documents that are required to submit a microFIT application. View the application instructions.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility for the microFIT Program, you should refer to the microFIT Rules and microFIT Eligible Participant Schedule.

You must apply to the microFIT Program using the online application form available on your “My microFIT Home Page”. Start by clicking the “Create an application” button. Applications that are not completed correctly or where information is not provided in the required form will be terminated and you will be required to reapply.

Other important items to remember about your microFIT application include:

  • each microFIT project will be assigned a unique “Reference Number” at the time the application is submitted
    • the Reference Number is used throughout the application process. Where a microFIT contract is executed, the number is used for the term of the microFIT contract to identify the project
  • once you submit an application, you may not amend it other than to update your contact information
  • applications are not transferable to a new applicant at any time
  • you will be required to provide your Property Identification Number (PIN) and to submit a copy of the Parcel Register to the IESO (see sections 4 and 6 of the microFIT application form). Applicants who are required to submit a Parcel Register with their application should ensure that the owner(s) listed on the Parcel Register correspond to the name of the applicant(s) on the application. For example, if the property is owned in the name of more than one Eligible Participant, all Eligible Participants must appear as applicants on the application.
    • a PIN is a unique number assigned to a parcel of land: no two properties will have the same PIN. Your PIN is listed on the Parcel Register. The Parcel Register is a record of your land, including ownership information

    • be sure to enter your PIN on your microFIT Application exactly as it appears on the Parcel Register. You can obtain a copy of your Parcel Register for a small fee from your nearest Land Registry Office in which your proposed microFIT project is to be located. There are 54 Land Registry Offices located in Ontario; you can visit the Service Ontario website to find a location nearest to your proposed microFIT project
  • by submitting an application, you, as the applicant, authorize the collection, use and disclosure of information (including personal information) to the IESO, LDC and the Ministry of Energy and certain other Ontario government ministries (see section 6.2 of the microFIT Rules).

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