Ontario Ministry of Energy

The Ontario Ministry of Energy is responsible for establishing government policy that creates an energy conservation culture while ensuring a reliable, sustainable and diverse supply of energy at competitive prices, with minimal impact on the province's environment. The ministry develops all aspects of energy policy for Ontario, including electricity, natural gas, oil and alternative energy.

The ministry also sets the legislative and policy framework for the safe and reliable supply and delivery of electricity and natural gas and oversees two energy agencies: 

  • the Ontario Energy Board
  • the Independent Electricity System Operator.

The ministry represents the Ontario government in dealings with Hydro One (a provincially owned electricity transmission and distribution company) and Ontario Power Generation (a provincially owned electricity generation company). 

With respect to the FIT and microFIT programs, the ministry is responsible for:

  • Renewable Energy Facilitation Office
  • creating incentives for the development of Aboriginal projects and community-based projects, helping to make it possible for these groups to participate in Ontario's renewable energy market.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry are responsible for the new renewable energy approval to connect renewable energy projects to the grid more efficiently and more quickly. The renewable energy approval consolidates previous provincial and municipal approval processes under a number of pieces of legislation, including the Environmental Protection Act, the Ontario Water Resources Act and the Planning Act

FIT and microFIT projects may require a renewable energy approval. Please visit the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change's website at www.ontario.ca/ministry-environment-and-climate-change for more information.