Program partners

Successful implementation of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009 and the FIT Program requires a number of changes across the energy sector to bring renewable energy into service efficiently.

The Ontario Energy Board, the Independent Electricity System Operator, transmitters, local electricity distribution companies and the government are all working together with the OPA to bring about these changes.

Ontario Ministry of Energy - The Ontario Ministry of Energy is responsible for establishing government energy policy in the province.

Ontario Power Authority - The Ontario Power Authority is responsible for designing and implementing the FIT and microFIT programs.

Ontario Energy Board - The Ontario Energy Board regulates the natural gas and electricity sectors in Ontario and protects the interests of consumers with respect to prices and service.

Independent Electricity System Operator - The Independent Electricity System Operator and transmitters work together to ensure energy is connected and transmitted reliably and safely across the province.

Local Distribution Companies - Local distribution companies are responsible for connecting both FIT and microFIT projects to the distribution system.

Electrical Safety Authority - The Electrical Safety Authority will inspect FIT and microFIT project installations and verify their nameplate capacity.