Step 1: Register and submit an application

To participate in the microFIT Program, you must first register online. After you register, a personalized page called "My microFIT Home Page" will be created.

To create an application, you will need to log in to your "My microFIT Home Page" with the username and password you created when you registered.  

After you have submitted your application to the IESO, the status of your application will show as "Submitted" on your “My microFIT Home Page”.

Applicant responsibilities

  • Ensure that you are eligible to participate in the microFIT Program. View the Eligible Participant Schedule.
  • Ensure that you read and understand the microFIT Rules and Contract. It is solely an applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the both the applicant and project comply with the program rules and eligibility requirements. As some of the rules and eligibility requirements can be complicated, applicants are encouraged to consult legal counsel.
  • Retain and protect your user name, password, challenge question and answer for your registration profile for future reference (do not lose your user name and password, since they are required to access ALL future applications and communications from the IESO, and to manage potential contracts) 
  • Gather all necessary documents before you submit your application
  • Check that all your information is accurate and current
  • Ensure that the site on which you are proposing to build your project is eligible to host a microFIT project 
  • Retain your application reference number (e.g., FIT-M_______) for future reference. This will only be assigned once you have submitted your application electronically to the IESO
  • Ensure that you fully understand the program, the contract and your rights and responsibilities before entering into any arrangements with a third-party service provider in relation to a microFIT project.
  • Regularly check your My microFIT Home Page for messages from the IESO


Step 2: Completeness review »

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