Step 3: Get your offer to connect

If the status of your application changes to “Pending LDC Offer to Connect”, you must submit a connection request to your LDC for the connection of your proposed microFIT project within 30 days of the date that your application is set to this status. The LDC will report to the IESO when it has received your connection request.

Your application will be terminated if you fail to submit your connection request within the required 30-day period.

You must receive an offer to connect from your LDC no later than 90 days after the date the connection request was received by your LDC. The LDC will report to the IESO whether it has issued or denied your request for an offer to connect.

If you do not receive an offer to connect within the 90-day period or if you are denied an offer to connect from your LDC, your application status will be changed to “Terminated” and your application will be terminated.

Applicants are solely responsible for any delay in receiving an offer to connect.

Applicant responsibilities

  • submit a connection request to your LDC within 30 days of your application status being changed to "Pending LDC Offer to Connect"
    • If you are unsure who your LDC is for your proposed microFIT project, please use the LDC locator tool.

      Note: The LDC locator tool is only an indicator and does not ensure that the LDC displayed is the applicable LDC for your project. All applicants should confirm with their local LDC before submitting an application.  

  • provide your LDC with all relevant information, including:
    • microFIT application reference number. This is the number assigned to your microFIT project when you submit your application to the IESO
    • the type of renewable energy technology your project will use
    • the nameplate capacity of your project
    • the location of your project, including its address and load account number with your LDC

      Note: You will be required to set up a new generator account for your renewable energy project by your local distribution company. The new generator account must be held by the applicant. If there is more than one eligible participant as the applicant, each eligible participant must be listed on the generator account as well as on the microFIT application. This account will be in addition to the customer account that was created for your home, farm or institution.  

    • continue to check your “My microFIT Home Page” for messages from the IESO and application status changes

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