Step 4: Application Approval Notice

The IESO will issue an Application Approval Notice when:

  • you have requested an offer to connect from your LDC within 30 days of the status of your application changing to "Pending LDC Offer to Connect"
  • your LDC has issued an offer to connect for your microFIT project within the 90-day period
  • you have met all other microFIT Program eligibility requirements

When an Application Approval Notice is issued:

  • your application status will change from “Pending LDC Offer to Connect” to “Pending Connection”
  • you must install your microFIT project (see Step 5) and obtain an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Connection Authorization within 180 days from the date the Application Approval Notice is issued. The Application Approval Notice will expire and your application will be terminated if you do not obtain the Connection Authorization from the ESA within the 180-day period.
  • the IESO will offer you a microFIT Contract for the project described in your application , subject to you satisfying the conditions set out in the microFIT Rules and receiving confirmation from your LDC of the connection of your microFIT project to the distribution system.

Note: if you build your project before the IESO issues you an Application Approval Notice, you do so at your own risk and all costs, expenses and liabilities relating to the microFIT project will be borne by you, the applicant, regardless of whether a microFIT contract is offered. We strongly encourage you NOT to build your project before you receive an Application Approval Notice. 

Applicant responsibilities

  • read and understand the terms of your Application Approval Notice
  • develop a plan to build your project and obtain ESA Connection Authorization within 180 days
  • contact your LDC to find out how to connect your project
  • continue to check your My microFIT Home Page for messages from the IESO

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