Step 5: Build and connect your project

After you have received your Application Approval Notice, you are ready to build your project. This involves building and connecting your project to your LDC’s distribution system, uploading a copy of the ESA Connection Authorization to your My microFIT Home Page and your LDC reporting your project connection details to the IESO within the required 180-day period as set out in Step 4. Note that the ESA Connection Authorization can only be obtained once your project has been built.

As noted in Step 4, your Application Approval Notice is only valid for 180 days. Your Application Approval Notice will expire and the application will be terminated if you do not upload a copy of your ESA Connection Authorization to your My microFIT Home Page and the LDC does not report your project’s connection details to the IESO within 180 days of the date that the Application Approval Notice is issued.

Your project’s metering configuration must be compliant with the microFIT Rules and permitted by your LDC.  Some connection configurations may be more appropriate for you than others. For more information on connecting your project, please go to the "Types of Connections" page. You are encouraged to discuss the most suitable metering configuration for your project with your LDC.


Contacting the Electrical Safety Authority

Finalizing your connection with your LDC


Many people who own their own microFIT project hire an installer to help them install their project. The renewable energy sector is a growing industry, and there are many installers from which to choose. It is very important to choose a qualified installer when you are developing your renewable energy project.

The IESO does not endorse or recommend any particular installer. You remain solely responsible for the selection of and agreements with all installers or other third parties related to the installation of your project. If you are considering a third-party service provider, please review the “Using Third-Party Service Providers” section of the microFIT webpage.

A qualified installer or contractor will:

  • have experience installing grid-connected renewable energy projects in Ontario, with particular experience installing your technology of choice
  • have the proper licensing and certifications as applicable
  • have general liability insurance.

The IESO has prepared a list of questions that you should ask your installer before investing in your project. For more information, please view the checklist of questions to ask  when you are developing your microFIT project. 

Contacting the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)

After your project has been built, you must apply to the ESA for an electrical inspection. Your project will not be connected to the grid until your LDC receives a Connection Authorization letter from the ESA. You will also be required to provide the IESO with a copy of the ESA Connection Authorization as evidence that the project has passed the service inspection and is ready to connect to the grid. 

This information must be uploaded through your My microFIT Home Page and submitted to the IESO before the expiry of your Application Approval Notice. This file can only be uploaded once your application has received an Application Approval Notice. Submitting this document to the IESO can be done through the "My Files" link that is enabled once your application status is updated to "Pending Connection."

In many cases, your installer will help you to arrange and prepare for the safety inspection. The inspection will address the following:

  • Is the equipment approved for usage in Ontario?
  • Does the installation have the required devices to protect against short circuits and circuit overloads?
  • Does the installation have the required disconnection features?
  • Does the installation make use of an appropriate inverter system?
  • Does all wiring comply with provincial safety requirements?
  • Do all devices display the proper safety labels?

FAQs on the Electrical Safety Authority inspection are available in the FAQ document.

Finalizing your connection with your LDC

After your project is installed and has passed the electrical safety inspection, you will need to finalize your connection to the grid.

Your LDC must have the following information from you to finalize your connection:

  • Connection Authorization letter issued by the ESA
  • payment for the connection costs
  • signed “Micro-Embedded Generation Facility Connection Agreement.”  This is a standard agreement prescribed by all LDCs. It is an agreement between you and your LDC. Please review this agreement carefully and ensure that you understand its terms and conditions.

Once your microFIT project is connected, your LDC will notify the IESO. Notification will include project-specific information and the date the project was physically connected to the distribution system, and the status of your application will change to “Connection Completed.”

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