Step 6: Contract offer

The IESO will offer you a microFIT contract after your LDC has completed the connection of your microFIT project and the other conditions contained in the Application Approval Notice are satisfied. The LDC will provide the IESO with information about your microFIT project. There is no need to contact the IESO at this stage.

Note that a contract will only be offered if you continue to be in compliance with the microFIT Rules.
When an offer is made, the status of your application will be set to "Contract Offered."
Your microFIT contract will commence on the date of the Application Approval Notice or the date that your project is physically connected to your LDC’s distribution system in compliance with the microFIT rules – whichever date is later.

As noted in Step 4, if you install your project before the IESO issues you an Application Approval Notice, you do so at your own risk. All costs, expenses and liabilities relating to the microFIT project will be borne by you, the applicant, regardless of whether or not a microFIT contact is offered. We strongly encourage you NOT to build your project before you receive an Application Approval Notice.  

Applicant responsibilities

  • Answer information requests within the designated time frame.
  • Continue to check your My microFIT Home Page for messages from the IESO.

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