Who can Apply

You must be an eligible participant to submit an application and be offered a microFIT Contract. The Eligible Participant Schedule identifies which types of applicants are eligible to submit an application to the microFIT Program and the requirements for each type.

Individuals and farmers may only have one project and may not have multiple applications active at the same time, even if the projects or applications relate to separate properties.  

If the property on which your proposed microFIT project is to be located is owned or leased by more than one Eligible Participant, each Eligible Participant that holds title to the property or is a signatory on the lease for the property must be an applicant. For example, if the property is owned in the name of more than one Eligible Participant, all Eligible Participants must appear as applicants on the application.

Eligible Participants must own the land where the project will be located, except for Eligible Participants from the following categories, who are able to lease the land on which their proposed microFIT project is to be located: 

  • municipalities
  • universities, schools and colleges
  • hospitals and long-term care homes
  • social housing or affordable housing
  • Aboriginal communities.

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